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Frank Turner

Frank is the Founder and CEO of Treau Fitness. With over a decade of experience, he has worked with numerous clients in developing fitness and nutrition programs for performance, muscle gain and weight loss clients. Frank is a licensed and certified personal trainer (NASM, APFA, IFA) and utilizes his knowledge and experience to customize coaching and nutrition programs for each client. No two programs are alike. You will receive a plan that is unique to YOUR goals. Frank is also a Physique competitor and understands first-hand the importance of routine and discipline in order to be successful.

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Treau Athlete

At Treau Fitness, we treat competition training like the sport that it is. We take it seriously and we expect all of our athletes to do the same. From team training sessions to weekly check ins with coach, Team Treau Fitness’ Competition Prep program is vital to an athlete’s success.

Each athlete must undergo a comprehensive consultation and body composition test prior to selecting a division in which to compete. Shows are decided based on an athlete's progress throughout the training program.

What’s Included?

-Customized Meal Plans
-Body Comp Testing and Tracking
-Supplement Consultations
-Weekly Training and Check Ins
-FaceTime/Skype Meetings
-Posing Coaching
-Show Prep and Grooming (TreauGlam)
-Quarterly Newsletters and Team Updates

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Treau Nutrition

All Treau Fitness Clients and Athletes will complete a TreauTox: 10-day detox using whole foods and supplements. Some clients will need an extended detox but that is determined on an individual basis.

Through the TreauTox, we learn what works for your body through performance assessment and physiological indicators.

Every TreauTox is designed for the individual and includes detailed micro and macronutrient information.

Interval check-ins are done based on the individual’s goals.

Once the TreauTox is complete, the 12 week nutritional program begins. The nutritional program is designed, complete with customized meal plans, for a 12 week period. It can be renewed for subsequent sessions in 12 week increments.

TreauPT (Personal Training)

Personal Training is offered via online, 1-on-1 sessions or small group. Sessions can be 30 mins or an hour. Per session pricing is determined based on training frequency.

In-Person clients complete a physical assessment and a personalized workout plan is designed to meet the individual’s needs.

Online clients complete a detailed questionnaire to determine the best course of action and a workout regimen is customized to the individual goals.

Client check-ins are done on an as-needed basis and programs are adjusted based on progress.

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